Monday, May 20, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

I have been postponing and procrastinating my need to renew my drivers license.  My birthday has now been over a month ago and I found every excuse not to go.  But today, at the urging of my beautiful bipren, Adrian, I decided to get up and do it!

Entertaining ourselves while waiting...
I was #50
For the past few weeks I've enjoyed having a hot American driver, driving us through the streets of Cebu.  I appreciate you, my love!  Can you imagine Adam and me and how our patience is being tested and we are forced to learn the sweet, soft way of communication?!  Many times I forget that when I give him directions, I start speaking Bisaya.  Than all he says is... Huh???  Hahay!  A few times he told me ever so sweetly how high and loud my voice becomes and all I can respond is... Huh?  No because I'm a singer!  (Huh?!$&@#%*)  Still with a high voice.  I'm telling you, giving instructions in English can be as critical as playing charades, cranium, or taboo!   Adam driving in the busy streets of Cebu, full of tricycles, motorcycles, bicycles, and jeepneys, from driving on the wide, organized highways of Ohio is not an easy adjustment.  Giving instructions in English, especially when there is no time to even think, let alone translate, is not a joke!  Not only have I experienced nose bleed but I think my hair became straight when getting frustrated and confused as to which is right or left when in the middle of the intersection.  We both either end up arguing or just laughing at each other.  But we always sealed it with a kiss.

Mission accomplished with the support of my family!
Thank you to SM Cebu LTO, the whole process took me from 11am until 5pm.  There were times when the area became so crowded, but all you can see from all Cebuanos are the smiles, patiently waiting for their number or name to be called.  My only complaint was I couldn't change to my married name, because that would have meant a trip to yet another office.  I think Adam will understand!

While I am a little disappointed that I had to give up my morning Insanity workout, I have never felt so much support in renewing my license.  I had my parents, my brother Mike, my bispren Adrian, and at the beginning (until he had to go to our school) my husband Adam.  They all waited patiently with me, and we even got to take a lunch break together!  Not a bad day for a busy Monday!

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