Friday, May 17, 2013

First Ever Post

So at the urging of some friends and business colleagues, I've decided to start my first ever blog.  There isn't a specific format, just what is going on with me and what.  Some times I might post about food, maybe traveling, maybe friends or family, could be about work, maybe a new restaurant my husband and I found.  I will push myself to write at least once a week, if not more.  I will start with a note I posted on Facebook this week when getting home after spending a week working in Manila:

So, I was in Manila the entire week and just flew back last night. Did some meetings with Genesis Management and a few tv guestings. Sooo happy to be in the arms of the husband on our cozy bed. But yesterday, I had a taping for Mars- a talk show in GMA 7, and I had so much fun with Camille, Susie, and LJ (which will be aired on May 22) 6pm. This experience woke me up, reminding me on how important it is to read books and be aware of how texting and technology affect my ability to spell!!! We did a game and had to spell some words and I honestly am sooo EMBARRASSED to say, (..that was one of the words I misspelled because I thought I heard it pronounced as past tense, darn!) I didn't spell a word, yes, not even one word, correctly!!!!! With that been said, I will have to set a goal to go back to reading and finish at least 1 book a month. I love posting on something I promise to accomplish because I am pressured and pushed to really do it. So meaning, I am doing this for me, and just really sharing my thoughts. 

Peace and Love to all!!!!!

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