Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Coffee, Art, and Me

Top (R to L): Cebu and Shanghai, China
Middle: Taipei (Taiwan), Rhodes (Greece), and Pisa (Italy)
Bottom: Cairo (Egypt), Athens (Greece), and Jerusalem (Israel)

Coffee has always been significant to me and my husband.  Our everyday always starts with freshly brewed coffee.  On dates, coffee places are normally an expected stop over before movies, after dinners or just walking around the mall.  Even when touring the world, coffee has always been number 1 on our to-do-list. From Italy to France to Greece to India to Egypt to Turkey to Jerusalem, even in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangkok and many more!  Which one was the best one you may ask?  That's a hard question but if I may answer, maybe in Italy.  Why?  I think the ambiance of the coffee shops helps.  We are fortunate and blessed to try many different coffees around the world.  Adam even tried the cat poop coffee!  It's a coffee made from the digested and excreted coffee beans from the civet cat.  Don't try to imagine, just take it. Urggg)$$&@!! He said it was really good. Gives a certain soothing feeling after every sip.  I say, I'll pass and go for my usual.  Simple cafe latte.

Adam drinking MY coffee!!!

That's why, when my bispren Adrian invited us to attend this grand coffee painting exhibit of a very talented young woman whom I thought was a dancer-singer-host-actress, and now a painter!  I thought I wouldn't dare miss this and support another Cebuana artist!  This dashing young lady is a regular in Abs-Cbn Cebu programs and shows and I have seen her grow as a beautiful and graceful performer.  Ikaw na Monica Orellano!  Ikaw na tanan!

As I watched her cut the ribbon, my anxiousness was just building wanting to see her art work.  This pretty lady has it all.  And all I could think of is how proud the mom must be- Cinbeth.  I am!  Another Cebuana making a noise bringing the artistry to the next level in our community!  I am a proud Cebuana especially after witnessing her creations, watching her beautiful smile, and entertain the press and everyone who attended.  Soar high Monica!!  You deserve all the success!  So proud of you!

Proud mother Cinbeth, the artist Monica, and Me at the
opening of her exhibit in Cebu

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