Monday, May 20, 2013

Insanity makes one sane.

For almost a week now, I have been writing my thoughts and sharing it on my blog. And I must say it is like writing a diary. Today, before I leave the house I thought of what to share..

Doing Core Cardio and Balance
after almost a year of not doing Insanity.
INSANITY!  This is an intense workout that can be done at home.  I describe this easy, yet hard. Confused?  Not really. 

Easy.  The steps and routine are easy to follow.  They are the usual movements being taught in school and practiced in different kinds of sports. Everyone did it at some point in their early life if you went to school and did P.E. (Physical Education). Example. Jumping jacks, running in place, etc... and from there it is just being changed and somewhat improvised a bit.

Hard.  It is the repetition that is turning my lips to blue and my face to red! Running in place for a minute is more than a challenge.  Jumping for a minute is like climbing a mountain.  I never experienced how drenched I am with sweat everytime I do this work out.  And I feel like I have just gotten rid of all the toxins in my body every time after I do it!

If you want to check it out, you can find the videos in YouTube.  But just some advice from someone who has been doing the workouts for 3 years now, please, please know your limits and be conscious of your knees!  Ok, Beachbody should pay me for promoting their product.  Joke!  I believe in what they offer.

I miss this look. Christmas 2010.
Constant Insanity at this time.
And had so much dessert!
Why do I do this as much as I can, you may ask?  It is NOT because I want to be skinny and all. It's because I want to eat!  I love eating.  I think it's what my husband and I do best!  But we all know that we have to be responsible and wise enough to know our limits when eating.  But that is another story.  We all say that health is wealth.  But for me, I don't want to deprive myself from having ice-cream and cupcakes and pastas and all that.  But considering my age and how my body is changing everyday, I have to have balance it all at some point and take it seriously.  Diet and exercise have to go hand in hand, I've heard different ratios like it's 60% diet and 40% exercise.  I don't know the real statistics and I would bet it's different for every person, but I know it's impossible to be healthy without both.  As a performer, it is my responsibility to present myself as professional looking as possible.  But it also helps, every Insanity workout or mile that I run also helps with my endurance while singing a "belty" song effortlessly.  And considering most of the events I do, I am being paid!  So the best I can offer is to always work on my product, which is ME!  And if I feel good about myself, it only shows from the outside how I feel about myself from the inside. Point is, if you are happy with what you are, regardless of your weight, complexion, hair, and all, it will always show how you feel about yourself inside. And no one can control that but us!

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  1. hi. I just read your blog! I'm into blogspot too. :-)
    indeed! if we're so sipag to eat, we should be sipag too in burning those calories.
    God Bless!