Sunday, May 19, 2013

I promise to sing my story from now on.

I am writing everyday because so much has happened and there is a lot to share. Thank you to everyone who has been loyal in reading my random rants.  This Sunday afternoon is making me crave so much for coffee (but I already had a cup this morning.. scared I might have a hard time sleeping tonight, so I refuse to brew and have it again).  I thought of the things that happened yesterday, aside from that lovely wedding my husband and I attended,  I smile and think of VisPop.

My husband and I have always wanted and dreamed of having a music school, not just because it is our ultimate passion and calling, but also we both need a venue to share what we have learned, are blessed with, and have been experiencing since the time God decided to give us the gift of singing/teaching/MUSIC.  We have been blessed, it is only a calling to somehow give it back and share.

One of the things I want and dream of doing is to push original music out to the community again. It was my project study when I went back to school to finish my degree of BA- Mass Communications at USJ-R in 2008.  I know, sounds really big, complicated, and impossible to even start, knowing the frustrations now happening in the music industry.  But I must also say I have so much respect for those artists who continue to make original music.  Please do not stop!  Anyway, I love it when I am being challenged.  I love reaching impossible things.  I always say, God gave us the ability to dream, so we might as well dream BIG!  So yeah, I want original music and compositions come back to life here in the Philippines.  There are some, but I want a lot and I want to be part of those who make original music.  At some point we have to make a new generation, go in a new direction.  What had meaning 50 years ago may not anymore.  It's good to look back with respect, but we also must continue to move forward.  That is one big reason I support original music.

Me with Gary Granada and Nelia Navarro
I was fortunate to be invited to be one of the judges of the first VisPop here in Cebu together with Mr. Gary Granada and Miss Nelia Navaro. And I must say, there are just sooooo many young geniuses in Cebu!! I felt extremely proud with all the finalists, especially the winners.  Congratulations to all of you!  Cattski and Manna were the ones who have been communicating with me on this event and I must say thank you for this great venue!  Musicians, singers and composers badly need this!  I need this!  Hearing and watching all original music last night was a complete high.  I am so glad I was there to witness it.  I have been fortunate to be a part of songwriting competitions, mostly as an interpreter, in Manila (Philpop, Himig Handog, Metropop), but it was nice to see it here in my hometown of Cebu.  We have had CebuPop contest (I was an interpreter many years ago, and also guested this year) and I am glad we now have one more for the Visayas.  Thank you to VisPop, AritistKo and FILSCAP for this amazing venue!

As an ambassadress of MUSIC in God's eyes, I promise to continue to help and support all venues that will only create a vast melody in any kind to help my community.

BISAYA KO!!!!!!!!!


  1. I miss both women in this photo.. Anna Marie Fegi and Director Nelia Navarro.. A big hug to you both.. :-)

  2. Hi Jess, oh my goodness I miss you! Where are you now, how are you? I still remember our bonding moments when we did our Potpourri Show in Lutopan. So much drama, hahahahaha. Remember?

  3. Hello Ms. Fegi! I could not agree more..and not to exaggerate, I super loved the VisPop. I felt it was one if not the best thing that ever happened to the Visayan music. Although I am not a musician myself, but I always believed in the same dream. I guess it does not have to take a musician to really have the heart to sing. I look forward to more of this, and yes hopefully in mainstream too.