Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Music teacher got married for the 3rd time!

With Tita Mila Loyola

I am sure you all are so curious about this one.  I know you are!  We are born wanting to know things around us.  In other words, mga chismoso/a (gossip)!  Well, hope you will read this blog till the end.

At the age of 3, dancing was my greatest hobby. Well, it has been because up to now, I still love dancing. But when I was growing older, at the age of 7,  I discovered something I thought I should try. You see, aside from having musically inclined parents and siblings, I have a very loving and supportive Godmother who also started teaching and guiding me how to sing!  Her name is Tita Mila Loyola.  She was my music teacher in all my years at ASMS- de la Salle.  I owe her so much, for she is partly the reason why I became who I am now.  Both of us travelled together many times going to other provinces and la Salle schools to compete for Kundiman.  Many times she put me in concerts at school and made me join Minus-1 singing contests.  I will never forget that Praise Concert I did, the time I promised myself that I will never stop singing!  I don't normally regret things in my life, but there is one thing I do regret big time.  The time I didn't take my piano lessons seriously when Tita Mila tried to teach me.  I was more into playing tago2, gubat2, shatong (hide and seek... Filipino children's games) with my neighbor friends.  Gengen Reyes, Jojo Image, Milson Silab, JoeMike Bartolata, Arvin Balberona, Leslie Diyotay, and many more..... you know who you all are!!!!  I miss you all!!!  Had I pursued it, that could have helped me with my songwriting and making music.  I can only blame myself.  But, I can only choose to move on.  She made me love and be passionate with performing and singing anyway.

Tita Mila and Tito Jack, happy 40th Anniversary!  I just heard this is your 3rd wedding!!!  A marriage and now 2 vow renewals!  Adam and I are so happy to have been there and witness it!  I would never miss it for the world.  I love you both and all the beautiful Loyolas!  To Ate Malou, Christie, Matet, Jacky and Mila, your Mom changed my life.  And I will never forget those times she guided me on how to sing the right way.  Thanks to your great mother!

I love you Ninang!!!!

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