Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quotes that Keep Me Going

“Life keeps throwing me curve balls and I don't even own a bat. At least my dodging skills are improving.” ― Jayleigh Cape

I have talked and shared so many things about my past. All of my journeys, celebrations, shows, even my dramas and struggles. And with my life's journey I have learned that in trials, it is best to always consider yourself a survivor, never a victim in all tests in life. There are many people out there who are struggling way more than our own tribulations. I realize we all are swimming in the same body of water trying to just keep our head above it.  And I have learned that when we get tired and beaten up and stressed out, instead of holding onto others to survive which will at some point create a struggle to those people around you, it is best to relax, float, admire the great blue skies and just take it easy. When finding the right balance, try to look at everyone around you. Let go and be grateful that our head is still above water. Help others to do the same. Imagine everyone floating, holding hands, relaxing as the current pushes us all ashore. Many will survive. Sometimes, all we need is someone to hold our hand, make us feel they are there for us. And when we do, we only choose to keep going with all lessons learned.

Moving forward.

I am a performer at heart. But at a very young age, many times I used my younger sister Jing and my younger brothers, Karl and Mike, as my students as I acted as their teacher when we were living in Lutopan. We had this blackboard on our front screen door. I pretended to speak English and tried to teach them random things. I remember my brothers would get really frustrated for they both wanted to play outside with the other boys in the neighborhood. Point is, teaching was also a passion of mine. Mama always tells us all that what we all have is not ours to keep but should be shared. "What we are is God's gift to us, what we become is our gift to Him".  Mama is always right.

I feel blessed with all that I have and all that I have done in my life. I have explored the world by performing and working with so many passionate musicians and performers around the world. You have the choice to take this as bragging, or it is something that I want to share. For me, I am craving to share everything that I have learned to those who are aspiring to excel in Music. I am not saying I am awesomely successful. What I am saying is that I have been in that position of experiencing Music and it took me around the world and I met and worked with amazing people. And I am only here to share. I teach and I am also a student in life.

I can't please everyone. I have learned that while many people would admire my intentions, others will choose to hate, judge and misunderstand. Lesson: I can't please everyone. Gosh, I think everybody knows that, but it seems like everyone is having a hard time remembering it. So to those who choose the negative side, thank you for taking time reading this blog even up to this paragraph. Don't be hatin'. Just keep sharing what you have. Enjoy life, be grateful and there is nothing wrong when we acknowledge our weaknesses and admiration toward other people's strength and learn from them. At the end of the day, the important thing is we know ourselves and we are happy with what we have become. I always believe that if we choose to judge others wrongly, what we say normally is what we are. So I choose to be careful and mind my own faults and learn from others as well.

As I continue my life's journey, I still have the same passion, the same dream. MUSIC, performing, and teaching are 3 great things I will forever do. I have a wonderful husband who supports me. And we share the exact same dream. We will continue life doing it. It is our purpose. And everything we have is God's gift to us. It is not ours to keep. We only have tomorrow to look forward to.

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength."

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